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Our servers are optimized to make WordPress Websites perform better and more secure .

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Improve website performance with faster load times. We cache resources and compress your files at the server level to deliver your content quickly. HTTP/2 is enabled by default and PHP 7 is available for even greater performance gains.


Built from the ground up to secure and protect WordPress Websites. Best in class firewall and security monitoring. Rock-solid server infrasctructure and timely updates.
Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates.


We are WordPress experts and we have extensive knowledge about the platform. We are always available to help you resolve any issues or answer any questions you may have. Think of us as your own private support team.

What our customers are saying

It gives us a peace of mind knowing that our website is in a secure environment.Steven Watts
I migrated several sites from a different host and haven’t looked back. Stuart D.
As a blogger, I appreciate the fact that I can set up my blog quickly and with ease.Tiffanny Marrow
The service is reliable and web hosting is one less thing I have to worry about.Matthias Berringer

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